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The Auftragsberatungcentre Rheinland-Pfalz (Procurement Advice Centre, Rhineland-Palatinate), in cooperation with the local chamber of commerce and guild of crafts, is the central information and service centre for public procurement. It advises businesses and contracting bodies on all aspects of public procurement.

The Procurement Advice Centre forms just part of the many projects awarded of the IHK/Hwk-Europa- und Innovationscentre GmbH - EIC Trier which primarily serves to improve the chances of SMEs on the European domestic market. As the official procurement information centre in the area, the Procurement Advice Centre is the Rhineland-Palatinate representative on the Ständigen Konferenz der Auftragsberatungsstellen (German Standing Committee of Procurement Information Centres).

The Procurement Advice Centre serves as intermediary between the regional economy and public contracting bodies (national, regional and municipal projects.) Under the terms of its assignment, it is the first point of call with regards to the following areas:

  • Advice and information about public procurement, relevant laws and regulations for contracts by tender. It offers advice in the field of public procurement both at a national and international level and provides information on procurement law in Germany.

  • Supporting businesses bidding for contracts put to tender. For example, this includes researching and making information about public procurement available as well as supporting its own distribution and marketing activities.

  • Researching public procurement contracts specific to individual businesses ET@P europa (Europewide) and ET@P regio (in the region Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany, Luxembourg, Lorraine, France and Belgium). It also operates the procurements platform www.transbau.com

  • Helping businesses from outside the area or abroad to make contact with local business partners with the help of our extensive database.

  • Organising training programmes, seminars and conferences for businesses and contracting bodies.

Please find further information about the services we provide on our website (German only). Feel free to contact us to receive information in English.

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